Our INFOshops is just a word play on informative workshops. We are in the process of developing these workshops to share with other communities. If you are interested in connecting with us, please reach out at any time.

Workshops we offer*

Intro to Babywearing – This workshop is meant to introduce new and expecting parents to babywearing practices and its benefits.

Healing Salves  – Learn all about the healing salve we make for our care packages, its ingredients, what are infusions, and how to create your own.

Nourishing Tea  – This focuses on the 6 herbs featured in our nourishing tea, along with a brief introduction to herbalism

Energy Bites  – Learn how to make this simple no bake snack that is very family friendly

Therapeutic Pillow – This is an introduction to sewing workshop. Adult only or kid friendly. This can be split up into 2 parts or one session. There would need to be some coordination for sewing machines and space.

Elderberry Syrup  – Learn all about elderberries and their immune boosting qualities; while making a batch of elderberry syrup to take home.

4 Thieves  – Learn all about this popular essential oil blend and its powerful healing properties. Attendees will each create their own batch and learn how to make their own hand sanitizer. This will be a slight intro to essential oils, but will focus more on the history of the four thieves.

4th Trimester Care  – This workshop is a group series including; Healing Salves + lip balm, Nourishing Tea, Energy Bites, a 2 part intro to sewing to make our Therapeutic Pillow and a brief essential oils lesson for our relaxation mist; while highlighting our 4th Trimester Care packages. This is a great series for any organization looking to provide their community with these items. We will provide thorough instructions on how to create these kits along with supply list and any necessary documents.


Families for Equity requires compensation for the materials needed to conduct these workshops. We are always looking for donations to help reduce or eliminate costs to our attendees. If your organization is interested in learning more about our INFOShops, email us at


*Access to our workshop handouts online will be available to our members. Please sign in before clicking on links.