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Our Family Advocacy Mission connects families of color with local and national companies aiming to support natural parenting choices and philosophies.

Families for Equity is working to collaborate with other organizations who focus on the needs of families of color. Our FAM Events will help to connect these organizations, both national and local, with the community based on their needs.

We also seek to provide funding through donations and sponsorship.

If you are interested in getting involved, email

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Black Breastfeeding Week

Black Breastfeeding Week is a national awareness movement meant to highlight the disparities surrounding black mothers and their breastfeeding rates. This takes place the last week in August.

Families for Equity will be hosting our 2nd annual event on the Saturday that falls within that week. We will be posting more details on our website and facebook page over time.

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4th Trimester Care

4th Trimester Care

Our 4th Trimester Care gift sets are filled with hand made items, meant to revitalize a caregiver taking care of a newborn during those first 12 weeks. Items in our gift set can also be customized to suite different needs.

Members of our Families for Equity community qualify for a free care package. We also have them available for sale for anyone interested. Our goal for this year is to give away 20 4th Trimester Care gift sets. At the moment, our community is rather small, so Families for Equity is looking to connect with other communities whose members could benefit from our care.

In the coming weeks, our website will provide details on how to make every item in our care packages to help spread the care. The intention is that those who receive our gift, will have the ability to pay it forward, if possible. Provided they aren’t able to purchase from us, or maybe they are just into DIY. We like to give options.



Our community is very insistent on providing interactive learning environments that cater to the whole family. Throughout the year, we try to organize several events that aid in arming the members of our community with the tools they need to build confidence in each area we highlight. While we encourage members to continue their own research, our goal is that each member leaves our workshops with practical tools they can instantly utilize in the outside world.

Lunch & Learns

Our lunch & learn workshops focus on incorporating the whole family in the discussion. A light lunch is provided for attendees who *RSVP in advance. Each session will begin with a focus on the children present through reading a story, partaking in an activity or discussion, and maybe specific exercises related to the topic. During the adult focused portion, the children are still welcome to interact, but we will also provide them with their own activity or toys to help keep them from getting bored. The end of each session will consist of some type of debriefing or q&a session. Our workshops strive off of our community’s involvement. We are always looking to our members for what they need or would like to discuss.

*due to a limited budget and our goal to reduce waste, we can only provide food based on the number of attendees we know plan to attend

Interactive Workshops/INFOShops

Our interactive workshops are mostly child centered events designed to allow attendees to explore a new skill and receive a hands on learning experience. We will explore holistic care, natural remedies, healthy eating, and an assortment of DIY activities. We are always looking for facilitators to show us new and exciting things.

Community Resource page

We are developing a Community Resource page for our members. If you would like to be added as a resource, fill out our form.


Chocolate Milk Cafe NYC/NJ Chapter

The Chocolate Milk Cafe caters to African-American and other women of color seeking a safe and empowering environment to ask questions and practice breastfeeding.  The group will offer peer to peer support but be facilitated by a lactation consultant to provide oversight and clinical guidance when needed.

We are in need of raising funds for Facilitator Training fees and other dues.