We are in need of funds to help get a few of our projects going. Join us as we post items for sale. Items will be removed once sold. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to receive notifications when new items are posted. If you would like to donate to us, you can visit our paypal me link.

Projects in need of funds

4th Trimester Care packages are a program we have for new caregivers that are members of our community. To help fund this program, we also offer these kits for sale for anyone outside of our community. Learn More

Full Kits include: 1-therapeutic pillow, 1-healing salve, 1-relaxation mist, 7-teabags (each yielding 4 cups of tea), 1-bag of ingredients to make energy bites, and additional *donated items

*We are still seeking to add additional items to our kit. Please notify us, if you would like to donate.


Design Inspirations has been creating custom Doll Carriers inspired by east asian panel carriers known as meh dais or beh dais. They have decided to donate $15 from each carrier sold to Families for Equity. We will be posting more details as images are available. You can visit their facebook page, if you would like to stay update, or contact us directly.

Carriers range in price from $25 – $30 (base). Those containing appliques or double-sided designs may contain additional fees.


Chocolate Milk Cafe fundraising

The Chocolate Milk Cafe caters to African-American and other women of color seeking a safe and empowering environment to ask questions and practice breastfeeding.  The group will offer peer to peer support but be facilitated by a lactation consultant to provide oversight and clinical guidance when needed.