4th Trimester Care

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4th Trimester Care

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4th Trimester Care

Care Package $42

Includes: 1 pillow, 1 mist, 1 jar of salve, 1 balm, and a weeks worth of tea bags.

Available: 3 Full Kits


Items: (broken down)

HEAL $8 (4oz jar filled 2/3)

Available: 0

Healing salve can be utilized as a multipurpose healing agent.



NOURISH $8 (7 tea bags yield 4 cups each)

Available: 0

6 herb tea blend great for nourishing the body during the healing process.


CALM $7 (1oz mist bottle)

Available: 0

Stress reducing mist aids in calming nerves.





Available: 3

Relaxing pillow filled with flaxseeds and lavender, helps to soothe achy muscles and relieve tension.







Available: 5

Luscious lip balm with cacao powder and honey





Available: 1

Dry ingredients packaged with ingredient list and recipe to complete and make more. Pre-made with full kit only for members

We are always looking for more items to add to our packages. If you would like to donate items, or have an item that would be a great addition, email us; familiesforequity@gmail.com. We would love to connect.