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Families for Equity is constantly looking to grow our community. Since an consistent activity in a community helps to increase interests, we encourage that our members take on active roles within the planning process. If you are looking to get involved, email us for more details. (

Roles Needed to fill

  • Wheel Rally Coordinator

During our Spring/Summer months, Families for Equity hosts our monthly Wheel Rally. This usually takes place at a local playground. Attendees come with the wheels of their choice and we enjoy a roll (or stroll) around the park at our own pace. This is not a race! Participants are welcome to come and go as they please. As simple as this event is, we are in search of someone willing to take on the coordination of this monthly activity. We would also love to add a few more aspects to this event, but those are contingent on the coordinator’s ability to execute. (not required)

  • Blogger/Writer

We are forming a routine monthly blog post for our members and supporters/followers. We would love to have someone who has a great way with words help us with this project.

  • Weekend Events Organizer

Our most active members and coordinators are homeschooling families or stay at home parents. Therefore, a large amount of our events happen during the week. We are looking for someone willing to help us organize a weekend event to cater to those families whose lifestyle do not allow them to engage with our community during the week.

  • Workshop Coordinator

Families for Equity has a lot of interactive workshops in the works; from DIY to Lunch and Learns. Our main organizers are in much need of a helping hand. We would love for our members, or newcomers to help take on some of these tasks. Whether you’re just interested in one specific workshop, or are willing to take on assisting our lead organizers.

  • 4th Trimester Care Coordinator

Our goal for this year (2017) is to give away 20 of our 4th Trimester Care gift sets. It takes a lot of work to maintain inventory; from making every item, to selling the items to help fund this program. We would love to have a member or newcomer take on the task of coordinating with and delivering care packages to the new caregivers in our community.

  • Black Breastfeeding Week (assistance)

This will be our 2nd year hosting a Black Breastfeeding Week event. Black Breastfeeding Week normally takes place the last week of August. Our event will take place on the Saturday that falls within that week. This year, our theme will focus on “Representation Matters”. If you are interested in assisting with the organizing, would like to participate at the event, or know of anyone that might be interested in being involved, please email us at

  • Treasurer or Financial Adviser or Fundraising Coordinator

Do you have any interest or skills related to raising money? We have quite a few goals we would like to execute and need someone who is good with numbers and capable of utilizing various tools to help reach our goals.

  • Community Service Organizer

We have 2 future projects we would like to begin

1. Park cleanups.

2. Homeless Care Kits (as an extension to our 4T Care packages)

We would like a team member to take on executing these projects.



*All roles are volunteer based. If compensation is needed, Families for Equity is willing to keep your information on file, provided we gain funding in the future. While we do not pay for assistance, we do not believe that our volunteers should incur any additional expenses outside of their time. Any expenses incurred by our coordinators or organizers, will be reimbursed upon approval of by Families for Equity’s Lead Facilitator.