Staten Island Children’s Museum

Our fieldtrips are back on. Meet us at Staten Island Children’s Museum for a day of free play. We have sort of created a routine for oursleves on how we navgate through the space, but we do like to let the children decide on the next activity they would like to do.

We also take our time and usually spend most of the day there. I, myself, may never get there on time, but feel free to come and go as you please.

You can bring your own lunch or eat what is supplied in their snack area. I believe they sell pb&j and maybe grilled cheese. There are also some vending machines.

$8 for anyone over 1 year old.
Membership starts at $85

Organized with Homeschoolers of Color
Non memebers are welcome; provided they are mindful of our group’s philosophy.

Additional Dates:
October – 13th
November – 10th
December – 15th (pending confirmation)

Family Picnic

Join us for a simple family gathering in the park. Bring your own snacks and lunch and maybe even a blanket. We can decide how to setup once we arrive. You are welcome to bring something to share, but it is not a requirement.

The kids can run around and play and we can take some time to get to know each other.

If you need public transit directions, please let me know.

Bring your questions about the group. And bring your desires or anything else you would like to see or add to the group’s dynamic. We are a community that thrives off of participaion and the insight of members. Help us grow!

Non members are welcome to attend, but please be sure to inform your guests of the group’s policy on centering the voices of families of color. If your friends and family don’t see the value in respecting the perspective of people of color, or don’t wish to partake in education based discussions, then this is not the space for them. We seek to minimize the harm and trauma that people of color are exposed to on a regular basis. This group’s central focus is in uplifting and empowering the voices of people of color, FIRST.

Thank you for your understanding.
(This pertains to any event we post, even if this message isn’t present)

Community Exchange 2017 – “Representation Matters”


We had our second annual Black Breastfeeding Event. This year’s national theme was: #betonblack

We ended up with 3 nursing moms and some of their supportive family members. Although it was a small turn out, I really enjoyed our chats and really getting to know those who attend our events.

We also had Monique from Brown Skin Green Beauty join us. She opened our eyes to the concept of using green makeup to help with healing your skin. She also made some great points about how we care for our body. We can’t wait for her to join us again!


Additional Images


We really enjoyed giving away some fun items. We still have plans to give away any leftover items, once we are done with our last workshop. Stay tuned on our Facebook and Instagram pages for further details.


Workshop – Babywearing and Skin to Skin

We had our first workshop for our month of Breastfeeding Awareness informative workshops; leading up to Black Breastfeeding Week.

We had a small crowd, but we were still able to supply a lot of information and help spread the love of Babywearing to fellow parents.

Diamond, a Wrapsody Ambassador was able to demo a ringsling for our attendees.

Our attendees seemed to enjoy trying out our carriers. Not every little one was as eager during the process.

Additional images

These images were during our presentation where I showed off the carriers in our beginning Learning Library. Which mostly consist of my own carriers. We did receive 2 donations from Kat Chaffin. I will create a post with an inventory of the carriers in our library.


What we discussed:

Our handout covered introductory information on what babywearing is and the different types of carriers available. We also covered Babywearing International’s ABCs of Babywearing Safety.

If you would like to learn more about Skin to Skin care or Kangaroo Care, Kangaroo Mother Care is a great place to start.


We look forward to seeing you at our next event on Thursday, August 10th Nutrition & Kemetic YOGA.