Apple Picking

This has been a family tradition for our familiy since my niece was born. We are trying to get into the swing of things to make sure we continue this each year. Last year we ended up going twice; once with our homeschooling click and once to continue the family tradiction. This year, it looks like we’re able to combine the 2.

Join us as we pick and eat and eat and pick some apples! Terhune is one of our favorite orchards, since they have some fun stuff to do. I also can’t wait to get a dozen or so apple cider donuts for the ride home.

There is no admission fee, you just pay by the pound for the apples you pick.

Apple picking is in one spot. We will then head over to the other part of the farm to play and purchase donuts and cider in their market.

This is another event where I don’t foresee myself getting there on time. Come and go as you please.

Nonmembers are welcome, just inform your guests of the philosophy of this group.

Let’s Chat

We’re gong to start these back up again! This time, we would love it if we could try to check out new places to meetup. Panera can be our last resort, but it would be great to check out some other venues. Especially if they are owned by people of color. The one stipulation is that they need to close by 10:00pm or later, so that we have time to actually engage.

I don’t have the energy to also coordinate this, soif anyone is willing to take the reins, that would be great. If not, we will probably just end up at Panera in Clifton, like we have been. The dates have all been decided. The third Monday of the month. We will try out this new format until December, to see how we like it.

October – 16th
November – 20th
December – 18th

If you would like to be the organizer of one of these days, just let me know. (or whoever the lead coordinator is)

This event will be linked with the Homeschoolers of Color group. If anyone from that group wants to coordinate, I will let this group know.

Family Picnic

Join us for a simple family gathering in the park. Bring your own snacks and lunch and maybe even a blanket. We can decide how to setup once we arrive. You are welcome to bring something to share, but it is not a requirement.

The kids can run around and play and we can take some time to get to know each other.

If you need public transit directions, please let me know.

Bring your questions about the group. And bring your desires or anything else you would like to see or add to the group’s dynamic. We are a community that thrives off of participaion and the insight of members. Help us grow!

Non members are welcome to attend, but please be sure to inform your guests of the group’s policy on centering the voices of families of color. If your friends and family don’t see the value in respecting the perspective of people of color, or don’t wish to partake in education based discussions, then this is not the space for them. We seek to minimize the harm and trauma that people of color are exposed to on a regular basis. This group’s central focus is in uplifting and empowering the voices of people of color, FIRST.

Thank you for your understanding.
(This pertains to any event we post, even if this message isn’t present)

Meal Planning

It’s that time of year again, for busy schedules and a need for better time management. Join us as fellow member, Shaniese gives us some of her tips on how she meal preps for her family.

Do you meal prep? How far in advance do you plan?
What meal challenges have you overcome?
What meal challenges would you like to overvome?
How often do you cook for your family? Would you like to cook more or less?
Feel free to bring a few of your own tips to share, if you have any. You can also post any questions in this event that you may have. We will try to cover them, if possible. Or other members may be able to join in.

I am located in West Orange off of Harrison and Eagle Rock/Main St. The 21 NJ Transit bus stop is Mississippi Loop. My home is about 3 blocks away from this bus stop.

My home address will be given to those who RSVP, the day before this event.

DIY Sweets

This week, we decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by whipping up some delicious homemade treats. We ended up making Gluten Free Animal Crackers, Vegan Fudge, and Honey/Elderberry Syrup Lollipops. 

We didn’t get a chance to take pictures, but I managed to make another attempt at the animal crackers and lollipops. Here are some pics and links to the recipes we made. And some notes. 

Gluten Free Animal Crackers 

(recipe derived from Wanna Come With)

1 – 1/3 cup Flour (replaced with oat flour)

1/3 cup Brown Sugar

1/4 cup Sugar

1/2 tsp Baking Soda

1/4 tsp Cinnamon

1/4 tsp Salt

4T Butter

3T Whole Milk (I only used 2T the last time)

2T Honey (I used raw)

1T Vanilla Extract

(Website no longer exists)

3 cups Shredded Coconut*

1/2 cup Cacao Powder

1/3 cup Raw Honey

2 tsp Vanilla Extract

1/2 tsp Salt

1/4 cup Peanut Butter (the kids chose this over sun Butter)

*The shredded Coconut goes into a food processor to transform into a Butter (liquid). This took a really long time. 
Honey Lollipops

(Inspired from The Pistachio Project)

I basically just boiled raw honey and elderberry syrup to make these. Make sure you oil your molds. I also believe I have my heat up too high. It seems as though I end up burning them. It also takes forever to get to the idea temperature for making hard candy. 

As you can see, I don’t have lollipop sticks, so I just used paper straws and cut them in half. Oh and I placed them in the freezer to help pop them out. 

Note: These did not come out well either time. I’m going to have to rethink these.