4 Thieves Vinegar Workshop

Join us as Takisha teaches us how to make our own 4 Thieves Vinegar disinfectant. If time permits we will also make other Thieves products.
There is no set charge but a donation to cover supplies would be appreciated.

This is a Fragrance Free home so please refrain if possible from using products with added fragrance this includes lotions, hair products, deodorants and soaps. Thank you in advance for this consideration.

Workshop – Family Planning

The final workshop of our series was led by Stephanie of Masakhane. Unfortunately, we didn’t have many attendees, but those of us that were present were super interested in her learning tools and the information she had to offer. I’m definitely hoping to connect with Stephanie in the future.

Contact us if you would like to connect with us for further workshops!


Workshop – Nutrition & Kemetic Yoga

One more workshop down! This one was led by Jillian, who just became certified in Kemetic Yoga.

Kemetic Yoga is the ancient Egyptian system of Yoga enlightenment based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation.

A quick video:

Brief Kemetic Yoga session

Images from our session

As for nutrition, we discussed the connection between eating well, breastfeeding, and yoga.


See you next Thursday, August 17th, Postpartum Care. We’re going to be showing attendees how to make some of the items in our 4th Trimester Care packages. We would love to have a few more people show up!

Workshop – Babywearing and Skin to Skin

We had our first workshop for our month of Breastfeeding Awareness informative workshops; leading up to Black Breastfeeding Week.

We had a small crowd, but we were still able to supply a lot of information and help spread the love of Babywearing to fellow parents.

Diamond, a Wrapsody Ambassador was able to demo a ringsling for our attendees.

Our attendees seemed to enjoy trying out our carriers. Not every little one was as eager during the process.

Additional images

These images were during our presentation where I showed off the carriers in our beginning Learning Library. Which mostly consist of my own carriers. We did receive 2 donations from Kat Chaffin. I will create a post with an inventory of the carriers in our library.


What we discussed:

Our handout covered introductory information on what babywearing is and the different types of carriers available. We also covered Babywearing International’s ABCs of Babywearing Safety.

If you would like to learn more about Skin to Skin care or Kangaroo Care, Kangaroo Mother Care is a great place to start.


We look forward to seeing you at our next event on Thursday, August 10th Nutrition & Kemetic YOGA.