The Orange Rhino Challenge – Alternative Education Options RECAP

Thanks to a slight oversight on my part, our second public meeting didn’t go as planned. Our goal was to talk about alternative options that are available outside of public school or pretty much education as we know it. However, I had the time listed as 10:30am (my initial intended time), when the library doesn’t open until 1:00pm on Wednesdays. So, people showed up, but at the wrong time. And of course,  very few planned to return. 

We did end up having a decent discussion among those who attended. Three families in total. However, we are all homeschooling, so we just discussed what led us to homeschooling and a little about our strategies. 

As our discussion progressed, some of our parenting challenges came up. This led to the topic of discipline, mostly yelling. So, naturally, the topic of The Orange Rhino Challenge came up. The idea was that we could attempt this challenge as a group and support one another along the way. 

So, here’s the setup:

Do you find yourself yelling more often than you thought you would after becoming a parent? Do you wish your kids would just stop driving you crazy and just listen? Are you a bit more self conscious about the noises coming from your windows, now that it’s summer and all the windows are open? Have you considered The Orange Rhino Challenge?

Join us for 31 days, the whole month of July, as we take on The Orange Rhino Challenge. This event will take place in our closed Facebook group, but if you are interested in joining us, you are welcome to communicate with us on our website, via email, or on our public Facebook page

Of course you are also welcome to become a member of our community. Membership is free, but all are expected to respect our community needs; to maintain a safe space for people of color. Failure to honor this space will result in removal. (The link provided is to become a member online, but you can also request membership to the Facebook group; unfamiliar names/profiles will be screened)

Our next public event for July will focus on our parenting style and how the way we were raised shapes our parenting decisions.  We’re still looking for a location, though. 

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